TAPPI Nanotechnogy Division Webinar

How to Use Rheology to Characterize and Formulate Nanofibre Based Materials

November 9, 2016 – 12:00pm – 1:00pm EST

No cost to attend, but you must register.

This one-hour webinar reviews rheological test methods and typical characteristics of CNC and CNF suspensions.  Steady shear, oscillation, creep and stress relaxation methods will be discussed.

Effects of CNC, CNF concentration, their interactions with solvents, polymers, surfactants and other colloidal matter and flocculation, dispersion will be discussed. CNC and CNF in composites, drilling fluids and paints will be discussed as examples. 

About the Presenter

Yaman Boluk, P.Eng. Ph.D.

Nanofibre Chair; Forest Products in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta; Senior Research Officer, National Institute for Nanotechnology, NRC

Yaman Boluk, P.Eng. Ph.D. He is Nanofibre Chair in Forest Products in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Alberta and also Senior Research Officer at National Institute for Nanotechnology, NRC.

His previous corporate research work was on the rheology of polyolefins and water based associative polymers. He developed aerospace industries the longest protection time-lowest lift-loss aircraft anti-icing fluid based on controlling wave generation at take-offs.

He worked on black liquor rheology and developed a technology, which enabled Kraft mills to increase their firing solids to increase the mills’ pulp and steam production. Boluk established Alberta’s cellulose nanocrystals research program at Alberta Research Council.