Ibá launches infographic on the multiple uses of wood

The Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá) has published a fantastic reference on planted trees and the multiples uses of wood. Just like South Africa, wood is used to produce pulp, wood panels, laminate flooring, paper, charcoal, and biomass – items that are present in our homes and our daily lives.

These trees are a renewable resource; planted trees will also be the source of a new generation of innovative forest products and derivatives that are essential to develop a low-carbon economy.

With investments in new technologies, many of these products which are already in the research and development phase will move from the Brazilian tree industry’s laboratories into new markets and different sectors, bringing additional benefits to society as a whole.

The importance of trees in supplying a number of products and services is the subject of the infographic “Planted trees and their multiple uses,” which illustrates the production processes of the forest chain, and the products and derivatives of planted trees.

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