Sappi Biotech partners with CellMark to increase global sales reach of Sappi’s Hansa lignin products

Lignin is a biomaterial produced by Sappi

Sappi Limited’s Biotech division has appointed CellMark as the non-exclusive sales agent for its Hansa lignin products, produced in liquid and powder formats in South Africa at Sappi Tugela Mill.

Sappi is the world’s largest producer of Lignosulphonates from operations in South Africa and Europe. The material is both used internally for bio-energy generation or beneficiated and processed to technical lignins for sale to global lignin markets. CellMark operates a global sales, marketing, financing and logistics business aimed at consistently surpassing customer expectations.

Louis Kruyshaar who leads the Sappi Biotech business commented, “We are really pleased to partner with CellMark which brings an excellent fit to our Biotech business at a stage when accelerated market penetration is key to attain our growth targets.”

He continued, “The partnership, which is built on common core values, will include a joint social investment initiative to benefit rural communities in South Africa.”

“We are delighted to represent the Sappi Biotech Hansa quality lignin and offer enhanced lignin solutions to customers ’’ indicates Jean-Luc Carrière, Vice President and General Manager Lignin for CellMark Basic Chemicals. He adds, ‘’This partnership will enable both companies to advance towards their common goal to expand markets and applications for this versatile biopolymer.’’

Lignins are commonly used as surfactants, binders, dispersers and emulsifying agents leading to the use of this renewable material produced from trees used in a large number of applications globally.

Binding: A very effective and economical adhesive, acting as a binding agent or ‘glue’ in pellets or compressed materials;
Dispersing: Prevents the clumping and settling of undissolved particles in suspensions. By attaching to the particle surface, lignosulphonate keeps the particle from being attracted to other particles and reduces the amount of water or dilution needed to use the product effectively;
Emulsifying: Stabilises emulsions of liquids like oil and water which do not form a homogenous mixture when added together, making them highly resistant to separating; and
Sequestration: Ties up metal ions, preventing them from reacting with other compounds and becoming insoluble. Metal ions sequestered with lignosulphonate stay dissolved in solution, keeping them available to plants and preventing scaly deposits in water systems.