Valmet launches new Industrial Internet offering and starts partnership with Tieto

Industrial Internet

Valmet takes its Industrial Internet services to the next level by launching a new offering and opening four Performance Centers for energy, pulp, paper and board and tissue customers. At the same time, Valmet has signed a partnership agreement with Tieto, which is the first step in building a leading Industrial Internet ecosystem bringing the key players together.  

 Valmet is the leading process technology, automation and services provider for pulp, paper and energy industries globally. The technologies we provide to our customers are equipped with advanced sensors and measurement devices that gather important data from machines and processes. Furthermore, Valmet’s automation systems that many of our customers have provide a solid data source. Combining the data from these sources with data from customers’ other mill and plant systems creates an enormous amount of data. The core benefit to our customers is that our experts know which data to analyze and how to utilize it. This know-how is built into our Industrial Internet applications and services,” says Jari Almi, Director, Industrial Internet, Valmet.

Offering for reliability and performance

Valmet’s Industrial internet applications and services are built to improve the reliability and performance of customers’ processes. The Industrial Internet enabled reliability services consist of online monitoring, predictive diagnostics and data analysis to improve mill and plant efficiency, to help to plan right-timed maintenance and to prevent unplanned shutdowns. Valmet’s Industrial Internet enabled performance services concentrate on integrating data from different systems together with production data to optimize mill and plant level operations. They also include both individual process and the whole machine fleet optimization services.

Four Performance Centers to provide Industrial Internet services

Valmet has established four Performance Centers that are the customer’s channel to all Valmet Industrial Internet applications and services. Customers can contact the Performance Centers and get real-time support from Valmet experts and the customer’s processes can also be monitored remotely. Moreover, the Performance Centers offer data discovery and big data analysis services based on agreed targets. Performance Centers have been established for pulp, energy, paper, board and tissue industry customers and the Valmet experts work in them both physically and virtually where ever they are through a remote connection.

Solution ecosystem with leading industry players

To provide comprehensive Industrial Internet offering to its customers, Valmet is building an Industrial Internet solution ecosystem that brings leading industry players together.  The purpose of the ecosystem is to create new value-adding applications and services to pulp, paper and energy industries. This will offer superior performance for Valmet’s customers, compared to each actor operating independently. The now signed partnership with Tieto is a significant step in building the ecosystem.

“This partnership with Tieto is an important step towards creating a strong Industrial Internet ecosystem and comprehensive services for our customers. Through this cooperation and the companies’ complementary offerings, production process and business data can be integrated and optimized for the customers’ benefit,” says Jari Almi.

“We are pleased to be part of new data-driven ecosystems and to deepen our partnership with Valmet to innovate new services and solutions around supply chain and processes optimization. The collaboration starts around Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution Systems, and we are looking forward co-creating new opportunities around industrial internet and data to our customers,” says Satu Kiiskinen, Executive Vice President, Tieto.