Titles, in alphabetical order



A new brown stock washing optimization method for economical pulp production

Lasse Kuusisto and Jari Kapanen

Advanced machine threading systems for improving performance and maintaining efficiency gains

Elisabeth Rooney and Glenn Draper

Analytical techniques to fulfill air pollution monitoring requirements

Marita du Toit

Application of pre-acidification in the biological treatment of wastewater from a bagasse based pulp and paper mill

Neil Hunt and W. A. Pretorius

Applications of physical models for optimization and control in pulp and paper industry

Johan Jansson, Erik Dahlquist, Tomas Lindberg and S. R. Subramani

Asset optimization in world class Asian mills produces enormous benefits

S. R. Subramani

Biochemical modeling of Pan African paper mills aerated lagoons, Webuye, Western Kenya

L. M. Situma, Lazare Etiegni, S. M. Shitote and B. O. Orori

Bleach plant performance enhanced using advanced controls

Rick van Fleet

Board and packaging headbox technology for the 21st century

Peter Haider and Robert Hutterer

Calcium and oxalate in Tembec maple BCTMP line

J. X. Zhang, E. Yu, Y. Ni, Y. Zhou and D. Joliette

Capital effectiveness in the paper industry

Tapio Korpeinen

Catalyst potential of laccase-mediator systems and transition metal polyoxometalates in oxygen bleaching of pulp

Gotfried Kandioller and Lew Christov

DNAemico - mill wide total economic steering tool

John Fogelholm and Esa Hämäläinen

Effect of environment on wood density and pulping of five pine species grown in Southern Africa

Charlie Clarke, R. D. Barnes and A. R. Morris

Efficient use of fluorescent whitening agents and shading colorants in production of white paper and board

Liisa Ohlsson and Robert Federer

Enhanced pulp screening using high-performance screen components and process simulation

Risto Wekroth, Lance Marshall, Petri Tuomela and Robert Gooding

Evaluation of starch hydrolysing enzymes to improve drainage of recycled pulp

H. Jansen van Vuuren and Francois Wolfaardt

Getting value from an upgrade

Chris Macdonald

Implementation of an improved model based controller on a batch pulp digester: verification of predictions

C. Sandrock and Philip L. de Vaal

Intelligent fieldbus positioner evolved to maintain optimum performance

Ismo Niemelä, Oliver Jenkins, Ella Suojalehto and Jari Vehmas

Intermediate Defloculation & Dilution Device ( ID2) a new technological decisive step in the screening processes

Ted McMinn and Alain Serres

Introduction to control in the refining process

Colin Baker

Is fungal treatment of aspen chips beneficial for CTMP?

Bruce Sitholé, Marie-Josée Rocheleau, Robin Berlyn, Cyril Heitner and Larry Allen

Latest experiences of film coating and introduction of a new contactless OptiSpray coating method

Juha M. Virtanen

Making paper safely

Andy Worsick

Molecular genetic analysis of wood quality traits in Eucalyptus

Alexander A. Myburg

New advances in microparticle retention technologies

Mark Conyngham, Sal Mirza and Rosa Covarrubias

New analysis methods for better digester management

Pasi Keinänen, Risto Rinne and Tapani Poranen

New compact technology for washing of chemical pulp

Johan Bryntesson, Håkan Dahllöf, Eva Pettersson and Martin Ragnar

New refiner segments technology to optimize fiber quality and energy consumption of refiner mechanical pulp

Petteri Vuorio and Peter Bergquist

OptiFeed – stable, agile and integrated wet end concept

Jussi Ahola, Petteri Soini and Juha Kinnunen

Optimized deaeration leads to substantial process and quality improvements in paper manufacturing

Rainer Rauch and Teresa Burke

Profitable and environmentally sound production of bleached pulp

Monica Bokström

Pulp and paper facilities – can we afford them?

Swaroop Iyengar

Pulping and bleaching of SAS-AQ bagasse pulps

Ron Braunstein

Rebuild, a tool to maintain or increase market share

Klaus Siebert

Review of Pira Non-Wood Fibre Conference

Neil Hunt

Scale deposit problems in pulp and paper mills

Bruce Sitholé

Synergistic interactions of purified xylanases on bagasse pulp hemicellulose

Sadvhir Bissoon, Suren Singh and Lew Christov

The conversion of a Kraft linerboard machine from acid to alkaline sizing

Karin Krüger

The development of an integrated system for hazard assessment and control of chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry

Rob Lax

The evolution in Eucalyptus kraft market pulp bleaching from four to two stages - a comparison of options

Ulrich Suess and Chreeson Moodley

The latest developments in camera event capturing technology

Kari Hilden and Darren Lanthier

The potential for increased reclamation and re-use of effluent at Sappi Adamas

Vinesh Dilsook, Maryna Mansfield, Henry Coppens, Andre van Niekerk and Volkmar Böhmer

The role of sodium silicate in newsprint deinking

Jimmy Pauck and Jeremy Marsh

The use of computer simulation to find effluent treatment and recirculation solutions for Sappi pulp and paper mills

Maryna Mansfield and Volkmar Böhmer

Use of industrial waste water for xylanase production by two Aspergillus strains

Zawadi Chipeta, James du Preez and Lew Christov

Use of OWL(T) in the bleach plant will reduce caustic purchases and control white liquor chloride and potassium concentrations

Tom Mullen and Brendan van Wyk

Using tree physiology to better understand the effect of environmental factors on wood fibre properties

Shayne Jacobs and David Drew

Utilization of saw mill wastes as a pulping raw materials, Kraft pulping of sapwood

M. Sarwar Jahan, S. Monilur Rahman and M. Harun-Or-Rashid

Variation and genetic control of basic wood density in Pinus patula grown in South Africa

Terry Stanger, Bill Dvorak and Gary Hodge

Water management: An essential element with a positive return on investment

Len Dewhurst

World record speed with revolutionary drying machine design

John Ignac