Technical papers and articles which have appeared in TAPPSA Journal

(arranged in order of date of appearance)

November 2001

Mariana Björklund. Biocide-free slime control in pulp and paper mills

Vilho Nissinen. New low impact paper coating technology

Stan Jenkins. The use of alkenyl succinic anhydride for sizing recycled fibres

Mark Williamson. Web monitoring - breaks reduced by 40%

January 2002

Glenn Mudaly. Bubreak siloxane technology: the key to profitable pulping

Jimmy Pauck and Professor Jeremy Marsh. The role of sodium silicate in the flotation deinking of newsprint at Mondi Merebank

Stuart Bradbury, Rex Zietsman and David Rogans. Upgrade of existing foul condensate stripping incorporating methanol recovery on an SA pulp mill

Hubert Gassmann. Mechanical separation of stickies - the challenge for the new millenium

March 2002

Daniel J Dingman and Philip Hoekstra. Caustic-free repulping for newsprint production - pilot plant trials

Gerhardus C Scheepers, Tim Rypstra, Theodorus H de Koker and Bernard J H Janse. Fungal pitch control in the draft pulping and bleaching of Eucalyptus spp.

Francois Wolfaardt. Applications of biotechnology in the forest products industry

Howard Johnston. A novel approach to improve dry strength

May 2002

Andrew White. Adapting DPS type forming fabrics to run on high speed newsprint machines

M. Sarwar Jahan, M. Khalidul Islam, AJM Moynul Hasan and D.A. Nasima Chowdhury. Investigation on Soda and Soda-Anthraquinone (AQ) Pulping of Saccharum spontaneum

A comparison of SSB forming fabric concepts

Marcus Hahn. Dryer clothing for Perlen PM 4

July 2002

Scott Boysen, Ian Forsyth and Marco Hanzon. Water conservation on rotating equipment

Janne Tolonen, Ossi Tolonen and Jukka Puhakka. Optimisation of the causticising process

Per Jonsson. The paper maker and challenges in printing technologies

September 2002

Swaroop Lyengar. The HK fibres autoclave process - the next generation in wastepaper processing

B. Bruce Sithole and Larry Allen. The effects of wood extractives on system closure

Klaus Siebert. Sensor reeling technology

November 2002

Alexander Wassermann and Rudolf Estermann. Shoe presses - the breakthrough for board from recycled furnish

John Fogelholm and Esa Hämäläinen. DNAemico - mill wide total economic steering tool

Liisa Ohlsson and Robert Federer. Efficient use of fluorescent whitening agents and shading colourants in the production of white paper and board

Tapio Korpainen. Capital effectiveness in the paper industry

January 2003

Hans U. Suess and Chreeson Moodley. The evolution in Eucalyptus kraft market pulp bleaching from four to two stages - a comparison of options

N A Hunt and W A Pretorius. Application of pre-acidification in the biological treatment of wastewater from a bagasse based pulp and paper mill

Ismo Niemelä, Oliver Jenkins, Ella Suojalehto and Jari Vehmas. Intelligent fieldbus positioner evolved to maintain optimum performance

March 2003

Andy Worsick. Making paper safely

Rob Lax. The development of an integrated system for hazard assessment and control of chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry

Neil Hunt. Review of Pira Non-Wood Fibre Conference

Sadhvir Bissoon, Suren Singh and Lew Christov. Synergistic interactions of purified xylanases on bagasse pulp hemicellulose

Venkat Barla. Cold corrugation process

May 2003

C R E Clarke, R D Barnes and A R Morris. Effect of environment on wood density and pulping of five pine species grown in Southern Africa

Juha M Virtanen. Latest experiences of film coating and introduction of a new contactless OptiSpray coating method

July 2003

Brendan van Wyk. Use of OWL(T) in the bleach plant will reduce caustic purchases and control white liquor chloride and potassium concentrations

Rainer Rauch and Teresa Burke. Optimised deaeration leads to substantial process and quality improvements in paper manufacturing

Rob Hansen. Steady State Pressing II. The evolution continues

September 2003

Petteri Vuorio and Peter Bergquist. New refiner segments technology to optimise fibre quality and energy consumption of refiner mechanical pulp

Jussi Ahola, Petteri Soini and Juha S. Kinnunen. OptiFeed - stable, agile and integrated wet-end concept

Colin Baker. Introduction to control in the refining process

November 2003

Eric C Xu. Some of the latest investigations in P-RC APMP pulping of hardwood. Part 1: LCR at secondary refining

Eric C Xu. Some of the latest investigations in P-RC APMP pulping of hardwood. Part 2: Synergistic effects between P-RC APMP and bleached kraft pulps from Canadian Aspen

Marita du Toit. Analytical techniques to fulfil air pollution monitoring requirements

January 2004

Henny Jansen van Vuuren and Francois Wolfaardt. Evaluation of starch hydrolysing enzymes to improve drainage of recycled pulp

Tina Lawton. Innovative technology advances TMP energy savings

Swaroop Iyengar. Pulp and paper facilities - can we afford them?

March 2004

Shayne M. Jacobs and David M. Drew. Using Tree Physiology to Better Understand The Effect of Environmental Factors on Wood Fibre Properties

Ron Braunstein. Pulping & Bleaching of SAS-AQ Bagasse Pulps

Vinesh Dilsook, Maryna Mansfield, Henry Coppens, Andre van Niekerk and Volkmar Böhmer. The Potential For Increased Reclamation & Re-Use of Effluent - Sappi Adamas

May 2004

Johan Jansson, Erik Dahlquist, Tomas Lindberg and S. R. Subramani. Applications of physical models for optimisation and control in pulp and paper industry

Sal Mirza, Mark Conyngham and Rosa M. Covarrubias. New advances in microparticle retention technologies

Steve Walker and Angela Mascini. Environmental Impact Assessments as part of the pulp and paper business

July 2004

Jimmy Pauck. The role of sodium silicate in newsprint deinking

Jörg Rheims. Shoe calendering - the Nipcoflex calender for bulky boards

Karin Krüger. The conversion of a kraft linerboard machine from acid to alkaline sizing

Power plant energy efficiency analysis

Isabel Bommer. Steam and power

September 2004

Maryna Mansfield and Volkmar Böhmer. The use of computer simulation to find effluent treatment and recirculation solutions for Sappi pulp and paper mills

Ted McMinn and Alain Serres. Intermediate defloculation and dilution device (ID2): a new technological decisive step in the screening processes

Risto Weckroth, Lance Marshall, Petri Tuomela and Robert Gooding. Enhanced pulp screening using high-performance screen components and process simulation