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Titles, in alphabetical order



Applying best sustainable practices to pulp and paper

Vinesh Rajcoomar

Commercial effect of environmental legislation

Ciska Terblanche

Compact stock preparation

Brian Rees

Decoupling - the latest developments in retention and drainage technology

Neil Harris, Angelo Spada and Phil Ford

Density, anatomy, pulp and hand-sheet properties of inner-wood and outer-wood of Pinus patula

Anton Zbonak and James Wesley-Smith

Determination of silicone defoamers in mill pitch deposits

Bruce Sithole and Denise Filion

Development of an alternative solvent to replace benzene in the determination of organic soluble extractives in wood

Nelson L Sefara and Mike Birkett

EcoSoft Delta Calender

Martin von Pawelsz

Effect of relative humidity and unreacted AKD on AKD sizing

Hak Lae Lee and Philip Luner

Efficient management of technical information

Patrick von Essen

Enhanced forced circulation: the continued solution to high solids black liquor crystallization

S Craig van Dyke

Favouring prompt delivery in the trim loss problem

Dr.Adolf Diegel, Sias van Schalkwyk and Olaf Diegel

FlowMac - process modelling for decision support

Lars Nyborg

GentleBarking - new debarking method for higher yield

Antti Tohkala

Identifying the individual influences of wood properties on strength and physical properties of hand sheets for both hard and softwoods

Athol Arbuthnot & Marius du Plessis

In the front lines of pulping research

Johan Bryntesson

Intrigrity management of plant equipment with the use of high-tech non-destructive testing techniques

Johann Oosthuizen, Zach McCann and Chris Stanton

New press technology for copy paper machines

Reinhard Leigraf

OBA's - speciality or commodity? A technical perspective

Shane Capazorio and Paul Riding

Optimization of PM wet end ventilation, machine clothing cleaning, pocket ventilation and web stabilizing improve PM runnability and production efficiency

Esa Virtanen; Riikka Gerlander and Ilpo Pitkäniemi

Optimizing quality and yield for waste paper based pulp in production of liner and fluting

Swaroop Iyengar

Process optimization and model based control in pulp industry

Johan Jansson ,Tomas Lindberg, Erik Dahlquist and Ulf Persson

Productivity increase of existing stock preparation lines

Winfried Wolf

Progress in bleaching to top brightness with low reversion

Hans U Suess and Chreeson Moodley

Pulping of highly contaminated recycled paper

Kai Wellhäusser

Refining and improved paper machine runnability

Colin Baker

Reject disposal from recycled fibre plants

Manlio Ronga and Christian Brauer

Routine pulp QC and physical properties predictions (StatMorf)

Didier Rech

Silicone solutions for the pulp, paper and tissue industry

Dave Wilson

Stable and agile wet-end concept

Seyhan Nuyan

The Big Five - common causes of efficiency loss

Andy Worsick and Stephen Halsall

The effect of coarseness on paper formation

Omid Ramezani and Mousa M Nazhad

The effect of coating colour on toner transfer in digital printing

Nonkululeko Khanyeza, Hussain AL-Rubaiey and Pirkko Oittinen

The effect of refining on paper formation

Omid Ramezani and Mousa M Nazhad



The impact of emission trading on the cost situation for pulp and paper mills - risks and opportunities

Mats Nordgren, Magnus Titus and Karolina Boholm

The refining of non-wood fibres

Colin Baker

The study of the possibility of Aquasol process to deink ONP and MOW

A Khalafi, M Faezipour, M Khatibzadeh, MM Nazhad and A Pirjani

Theoretical background of new energy saving refiner segments design

Juha-Pekka Huhtanen, Reijo Karvinen, Kai Vikman and Petteri Vuorio presented by Anders Hawen

Trends and solutions for the pulp & paper industry viewed from a measurement, control and automation point of view

Jan-Erik Bergmark

Ultra-low intensity refining of short fibered pulps

Eileen Joy, Jussi Rintamaki, Risto Weckroth, and Petri Tuomelai

Un-nipped roll cover technology

Thomas Cody Merrion

Water management

Len W Dewhurst