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Jean-Claude ROUX * and Georges JORIS **


The main purpose of this article consists in introducing a mathematical model regarding the specific edge load for the low consistency refining process. Then, through this model, the geometrical parameters of any standard refiner plate will be considered.

Actually, the specific edge load does not take correctly into account the effect of the geometrical parameters versus fibre shortening and freeness development. The theoretical developments are in complete contradiction with the experimental results obtained from hundred of trials carried out on our pilot plant but also at industrial level.

This paper ends up by proposing a new fundamental topic from which any pulp characteristic development can be anticipated. This new parameter is called: reference specific edge load that individualises every effects of the geometrical parameters. The interest in this new concept in low consistency refining process is exemplified on a physical point of view.

** Research and Development Director, Matech Europe
* Professor of Paper Science, E.F.P.G


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