– Analytical techniques to fulfil air pollution monitoring requirements
– Application of pre-acidification in the biological treatment of wastewater from a bagasse based pulp and paper mill
– Cold corrugation process
– Effect of environment on wood density and pulping of five pine species grown in Southern Africa
– Latest experiences of film coating and introduction of a new contactless OptiSpray coating method
– Intelligent fieldbus positioner evolved to maintain optimum performance
– Introduction to control in the refining process
– Making paper safely
– New refiner segments technology to optimise fibre quality and energy consumption of refiner mechanical pulp
– OptiFeed – stable, agile and integrated wet-end concept
– Optimised deaeration leads to substantial process and quality improvements in paper manufacturing
– Review of Pira Non-Wood Fibre Conference
– Some of the latest investigations in P-RC APMP pulping of hardwood. Part 1: LCR at secondary refining
– Some of the latest investigations in P-RC APMP pulping of hardwood. Part 2: Synergistic effects between P-RC APMP and bleached kraft pulps from Canadian Aspen
– Steady State Pressing II. The evolution continues
– Synergistic interactions of purified xylanases on bagasse pulp hemicellulose
– The development of an integrated system for hazard assessment and control of chemicals used in the pulp and paper industry
– The evolution in Eucalyptus kraft market pulp bleaching from four to two stages – a comparison of options
– Use of OWL(T) in the bleach plant will reduce caustic purchases and control white liquor chloride and potassium concentrations


– A comparison of SSB forming fabric concepts
– A novel approach to improve dry strength
– Adapting DPS type forming fabrics to run on high speed newsprint machines
– Applications of biotechnology in the forest products industry
– Bubreak siloxane technology: the key to profitable pulping
– Capital effectiveness in the paper industry
– Caustic-free repulping for newsprint production – pilot plant trials
– DNAemico – mill wide total economic steering tool
– Dryer clothing for Perlen PM 4
– Efficient use of fluorescent whitening agents and shading colourants in the production of white paper and board
– Fungal pitch control in the draft pulping and bleaching of Eucalyptus spp.
– Investigation on Soda and Soda-Anthraquinone (AQ) Pulping of Saccharum spontaneum
– Mechanical separation of stickies – the challenge for the new millenium

– Optimisation of the causticising process
– Sensor reeling technology
– Shoe presses – the breakthrough for board from recycled furnish
– The effects of wood extractives on system closure
– The HK fibres autoclave process – the next generation in wastepaper processing
– The paper maker and challenges in printing technologies
– The role of sodium silicate in the flotation deinking of newsprint at Mondi Merebank
– Upgrade of existing foul condensate stripping incorporating methanol recovery on an SA pulp mill
– Water conservation on rotating equipment