– High performance biomass boilers for green energy production
– On the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide via the peroxocarbonic acid anion
– New mineral interactive latex binders for improved paper coating strength and print quality
– The effect of sample size and shape on the hygroexpansion coefficient – A study made with advanced methods for hygroexpansion measurement.
– Soda – AQ pulping of wheat straw and its blending effect on old corrugated cardboard (OCC) pulp properties.


– Black liquor components as potential raw materials
– Critical assessment on modelling of Elemental chlorine free bleaching sequence
– Decolourisation of a paperboard factory effluent in Kenya using Elcas method
– Energy savings in tissue production process: the case of the Hayat Tissue Mill in Turkey.
– Evaluating reaction kinetic models using well-defined kraft delignification data
– Influence of knotwood extracts on formation of hexanal in paper
– Interpretation of XPS composition data for extractive-free pulp surfaces
– Model based control and optimisation of continuous digester
– New Cellulose derivatives from wood for high value products
– Optimization of board calendering based on analytical methods
– Polymers on a polyvinylamine basis improve dry strength of packaging papers


– Better understanding of Ozonation during bleaching processes
– Bleaching Eucalyptus grandis kraft pulps using a short TCF sequence
– Converting a kraft pulp mill into an integrated forests products refinery
– Developing uses for sugar cane bagasse: Biotechnology applied to the paper industry
– Effect of Ozone on papermaking properties and fibre morphology
– Effects of non process elements in the chemical recovery system of a kraft pulp mill and integrated pulp and paper mills originating from the incineration of biological sludge in the recovery boiler
– Industrial Refining Process versus Theory
– Lime kiln optimisation: Managing the inputs to stabilise the outcome
– Minimising TMP Energy Consumption using a Combination of Chip Pre-treatment, RTS and Multiple Stage Low Consistency Refining
– On-line alkali measurement and control of the causticising process
– Removal of non-process elements from hardwood chips prior to kraft cooking
– SO2 reductions at a chemical dissolving pulp mill
– Understanding the foaming and dynamic behaviour of Black Liquor components
– Using online porosity analyser for process and quality control